Welcome to SmokingCures.com

Matthew Pollard is living in Birmingham and runs his own online Fabric Store - Frumble Fabrics.

Ian is probably being handy with a power tool somewhere around and about. Maybe at his festival - Beat Herder

Tom Matterson is living in London making movies with computers.

Richard Smith works in an Office in Exeter.

Chris Pollard also works in an Office, but in Essex. Oddly enough he's quit smoking cigarettes. He still thinks about them however. Every Day. Every Fucking Day.

We came up with the site on a Saturday afternoon in Manchester. The pdf file's were written by Tom Matterson on his shiny Mac. The website was created using notepad and mspaint by Chris Pollard.

Thanks to Paul Leach of Paul Martin Associates for his suggestions.

Also thanks to Dom Gittins of www.comdotdom.com for his great suggestions.

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