The Banana Pi BPI-M2M is a quad core sbc which uses the allwinner R16 or A33 cpu and has 512mb of RAM.

Connectivity options are limited. There is Wifi, Bluetooth, DSI display connector, CSI Camera connector, a single full sized USB2.0 port, a micro USB OTG port which can be used to power the board (alternatively there is a DC power jack).

Storage is either via the micro SD slot or onboard 8GB eMMC flash.

There is NO hdmi or video output other than the DSI port so in order to configure the board you will need to connect serial to UART2 on the 40 pin header if you don’t have an apporpriate LCD screen.

Finding a working image to boot this board in 2024 seemed to be a bit of a faff, eventually I found a version of Ubuntu 16.04 in a forum post here

After booting the unit then you have to manually configure wpa_supplicant

top bottom connectors

Image showing the SBC connected to a USB serial adaptor via the 40 pin header (use BAUD 115200 and flow control off):

serial connection