The Orange Pi i96 is a single core sbc which uses the RDA8810PL ARM Cortex-A5 32bit 1Ghz cpu and has 256mb of RAM. It is based on the 96Boards IoT Edition specification

Connecivity options are Wifi, Bluetooth, CSI Camera connector, a single full sized USB2.0 port and a micro USB OTG port which can be used to power the board.

Storage is either via the micro SD slot or onboard 500mb nand flash.

There is NO hdmi or video output so in order to configure the board you will need to connect serial to the 3pin UART.

Using the orangePi supplied Ubuntu 16.04 image was not a great experience, the wifi refused to stay connected without constant reboots so I never really manged to use this board for anything useful. Maybe connectivity is more reliable in Android but that’s not so useful to me. The heatsinc shown in the images below is not included but if does come with a wifi antenna.

top bottom connectors

Image showing the SBC connected to a USB serial adaptor via the uart header (use BAUD 921600 and flow control off):

serial connection